Water sampling in the Arctic. Photo: Steve Hillebrand/CAFF
Water sampling in the Arctic. Photo: Steve Hillebrand/CAFF

Freshwater Biodiversity Monitoring

Working with partners across the Arctic to harmonize and enhance long-term freshwater monitoring efforts.


Changes in water temperature, permafrost, ice cover extent and duration, hydrological processes and water balance can have unexpected and unpredictable effects on freshwater biodiversity and related ecosystem services that many Northern communities rely on for food, clean water, and economic livelihood.

Exactly how these pressures - alone and in combination - affect freshwater species and ecosystems is unknown because the Arctic's complexity and size make it difficult to detect and attribute changes. In addition, existing freshwater monitoring efforts are often uncoordinated, limiting the ability to efficiently make effective management decisions, despite increasing urgency and pressure to act.

Freshwater monitoring news

Arctic Freshwater Biodiversity: 5 Trends to Know

The Arctic is home to thousands of unique species that have remarkably adapted to survive the region’s coldest environments and highly variable climatic conditions. These...
20 Mar 2020
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